Dallas Cowboys' Standoff with Doug Free Needs to End

By Ben Grimaldi
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, these past few weeks have been maddening. The Cowboys and their standoff with right tackle Doug Free enters another day, leaving everyone frustrated. It reminds of all those television shows where we’re all waiting to see what happens, only to have to wait until next week to find out. And that drags into the week after and so on and so forth.

The situation with the Cowboys and Free needs to end. No more waiting around to see if he’ll take a pay cut, no more threatening to release the veteran and mostly, no more getting fans hopes up of signing Eric Winston or another tackle. Let’s just get the situation resolved and we can all move on.

It shouldn’t be this hard; from the team’s perspective, they either want Free to stay at a reduced rate or they’ll release him. From Free’s viewpoint, he either stays for less money or gets cut. Everyone agrees on what the options are because it’s pretty simple, but for some reason, the process continues to get dragged out.

The situation needs to be resolved, and quickly, so both the Cowboys and Free can move on. If Free’s going to be a part of the team in 2013, fine, even though it will upset plenty of Cowboys fans, at least we’ll all know what they’re working with. If Dallas wants to release Free and move on, even better, but a decision needs to be made. The worst part has been waiting and playing the “what if” game for the past few weeks and it drives us all crazy.

While teams are preparing for the 2013 NFL season, the Cowboys are sitting in a holding pattern with one of the worst players in the league at his position. If anyone else wonders why Dallas continues to be average every year, look no further than this to understand why.

The Cowboys need to end this standoff with Doug Free and move on, now.

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