Denard Robinson’s Immediate Impact with the Jacksonville Jaguars

By Taylor Sturm
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed Denard Robinson from Michigan as an undrafted free agent after the 2013 NFL Draft. Robinson has top notch speed and is an explosive athlete that had a ton of success at the college level; he was a Heisman candidate two years in a row. He has the potential to change the Jaguars’ offense for the better.

Robinson is the explosive offensive player that the Jaguars need, and he complements Maurice Jones-Drew extremely well. Jones-Drew will be the power back while Robinson will bring the speed that can tear defenses apart. He will make opposing defenses have to worry about the run game on every down. The Jaguars’ quarterbacks (Chad Henne, Blaine Gabbert and Jordan Rodgers) will benefit from the running game threat as well. Robinson’s offensive threat will help the Jaguars’ young quarterbacks (Henne is the only real veteran) develop.

The only position on offense that the Jaguars are really struggling is quarterback. Jacksonville may have signed Robinson to be a running back or help out on specially designed plays, but with the Jaguars, he may get a chance to play a little scrambling quarterback if they get desperate. Hopefully Jacksonville doesn’t get that desperate, but it is possible.

The Jaguars made a great decision signing Robinson. He will open up this Jacksonville team offensively and allow for their star players, Jones-Drew and Justin Blackmon, to play a little better.  Jacksonville still isn’t looking at too great of an NFL season, but they should win more games than they did last year.

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