Denver Broncos Building Chemistry On and Off the Field

By Joe Morrone
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

By now a lot of you have either seen or at least heard about the 30 Denver Broncos who went to the Colorado Rockies game on Tuesday night. If you missed it, it’s safe to say that Peyton Manning was getting into mischief again.

Orlando Franklin was set to be interviewed during the game and Manning set up a joke. He had Eric Decker come up from behind and throw a pie of shaving cream into Franklin’s face. It’s the oldest joke in baseball, but the Broncos’ players got a kick out of it. Well everyone but Franklin.

While every other player was getting into position to video tape the joke with their phones, Manning was off in the corner trying to look innocent. It should have been a dead give away to Franklin that something was up when all of his teammates were interested in his interview.

As great as the joke was and as fun as it was to watch the reaction of the players, the fact they were at the game to begin with is a bigger story. Manning sent out a text earlier in the day that he had a bus going to the Rockies game and anyone was welcome to come. The fact that 30 players got on that bus on the sixth of May says a lot about how close this team is.

Manning does nothing without a purpose, and he understands that if a team is going to do something special then unity has to be a big part of that. Tuesday night, whether the Broncos were aware of it or not, was a team building exercise and it was organized by Manning who leaves nothing to chance.

NFL history is littered with talented teams who came up short of a championship, and that’s assuming they even made the playoffs. Two years ago the Philadelphia Eagles were supposed to be the “Dream Team”, but it was a miserable failure. They had talent, but the chemistry was never there.

The Broncos have as much talent as anyone in the league, but talent is not always enough to win. The talent has to trust each other when the game is on the line, and that’s what Tuesday night was about.

If you watch the reaction of the other players after Franklin took one in the face, they were all jumping up and down and exchanging high fives. That carries over to the field so when Decker scores a touchdown, Franklin is likely to be the first player to congratulate him.

30 players from an NFL team going to a baseball game in May doesn’t seem like it is newsworthy, but it builds chemistry and that is just as important as talent. Manning knows that, and as we all know, he orchestrates everything.

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