New England Patriots' Talent Pool is Getting Shallower

By Devin O'Barr
Tom Brady enjoys a TD
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

In wake of Rob Gronkowski‘s fourth surgery on his left forearm, it’s time to focus on a New England Patriots team that appears to be losing a ton of weapons on the offensive side of the ball. The 2013 offseason has been a forgetable one in Foxboro as mainstay wide receiver Wes Welker hit the road, Gronkowski has been in the lime light for all of the wrong reasons and Tom Brady scored himself even more guaranteed money.

The doom clouds are starting to roll in and they are simply too large for scrawny and injury prone Danny Amendola to combat on his own. We all know that Brady can make a stop sign a great wideout, however as he continues to climb the age ladder the talent around him must improve.  You’ll see that the common theme between the New England targets is an injury riddled past, which Amendola fits perfectly considering he has missed 20 games in the last two NFL seasons.

Welker’s absence will be felt, but the release of Brandon Lloyd is just as important considering the holes at wide receiver the Patriots still need to fill. For those of you screaming Aaron Hernandez‘s name, keep in mind that the ex-Florida Gator finds his way to the inactive list at least three times a year — Hernandez has missed 10 games in just three years at the professional level.

There was a time when the future was incredibly bright for the Pats, but with the injuries mounting and players getting older the window is closing for the Golden Boy and Bill Belichick‘s powerhouse squad.

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