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New York Jets: Getting Rid of Tim Tebow Was a Great Move

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Tim Tebow has been nothing but a media circus everywhere he has called home in his young, but winding career. The New York Jets were the latest stop on that tour of media distractions.

You’re probably saying, New York is already a media hotbed, so how is ridding themselves of Tebow a good thing? Well, when you get rid of a guy who has been the center of attention for a team that is trying to become one of the league’s elite teams — keyword: trying — it can be nothing but a good thing.

Rex Ryan is a strong personality. Couple that with Tebow’s crazy fan following, and you have a volcano ready to erupt. It was obvious that the Jets were not going to give Tebow a shot, and the former Florida Gator star was just about fed up in the big city.

Sure, Mark Sanchez is far from a solid NFL quarterback, but that’s exactly why the Jets drafted Geno Smith from West Virginia. The rookie may not be ready to make an NFL debut any time soon, but he has the talent to be a solid starter in the league, contrary to what many experts believe.

Tim Tebow is a great person and a tremendous athlete. Whether it’s fair or not, he brings a mass amount of baggage with him wherever he goes. He is an athlete, not a quarterback, but he doesn’t seem to realize that yet.

When he does finally realize that he can be successful in the NFL if he plays a different position, he will experience a positive change. Until then, the Jets were lucky to unload the mediocre QB while they still could.

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