Philadelphia Eagles: Can Michael Vick Finally Perform Under Chip Kelly?

By Mark Donatiello

The Philadelphia Eagles have surrounded Michael Vick with top-skill position talent every year. He has a fantastic group of receivers, led by dynamic playmaker DeSean Jackson. He has one of the league’s best tight ends serving as a safety valve. LeSean McCoy, whom Vick recently beat in a footrace, is one of the shiftiest runners in football and a supreme talent in the backfield. The reason behind Vick’s struggles as quarterback of the Eagles don’t stem from a lack of weapons.

Vick certainly has lacked protection. A porous offensive line has left Vick vulnerable to the big hit, and his propensity to get injured has hurt Philadelphia. Andy Reid‘s offense never used the running game to protect his quarterbacks, and Vick took a lot of hits. Unable to stay healthy and unable to feel comfortable, Vick and the Eagles struggled after trading away Donovan McNabb.

With Chip Kelly bringing his high-paced offense to the NFL, Michael Vick is in a great position to again revitalize his career — provided, of course, that he can hold onto his starting job. Vick is widely presumed to be the more talented quarterback, but he holds the ball and tries for the big play. Kelly’s quick-hitting scheme means that Vick will need to play differently, but his athleticism seems to fit perfectly into place.

This is the last chance for Vick. If he falters, he may not get another chance to lead this type of talent again. The unreliable former-phenom can certainly bounce back and thrive under the trickery and offensive genius of Chip Kelly, but Vick is also on the brink of being remembered as one of the most squandered talents in NFL history.

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