Would a Move to Los Angeles Help Miami Dolphins?

By Jack Jorgensen
Brad Barr- USA TODAY Sports

It really hasn’t been a well-kept secret lately that the Miami Dolphinsattempts at receiving a stadium facelift for Sun Life Stadium haven’t exactly been turning out in their favor.

The Florida Legislature recently refused to pass a funding plan that would assist the team in renovating the South Beach football stadium, basically leaving the team to fend for themselves with this project. Team CEO Mike Dee has also publicly stated that the team will not fund this project on their own.

Basically, everything involved here is a recipe for disaster when it’s all said and done.

Whenever there is any kind of friction between a NFL team and the city and/or state in which it resides, the notion of potential relocation is seemingly always brought up. While it’s hard to imagine the colorfully-clad team being anywhere else other than Miami, you certainly have to begin to entertain the idea of a move.

With that being said, anytime the subject of relocation is brought up in recent years, it usually begins and ends with one specific place — Los Angeles, California.

The idea of another football franchise in L.A. for the first time since the Raiders picked up and moved to Oakland is a topic of conversation every year. It’s brought up so much that the idea of it happening isn’t just a matter of ‘if’ anymore, rather ‘when.’

If it is to happen soon though, and the Dolphins stadium struggles continue, this may be the perfect marriage.

The Miami Dolphins are unquestionably making strides to becoming better on the field. They have what seems to be a franchise quarterback set in Ryan Tannehill. The team is also slowly building the pieces around him on both sides of the ball. If recent offseason moves, including a not-so-horrible 2013 NFL Draft, are any indication, the Dolphins are making their way to being a viable contender in the league.

When Los Angeles does land itself a professional football franchise, it will be highly-publicized for quite a while. If I am correct and the Dolphins are going to become that contender, the publicity of the move wouldn’t exactly hurt in showcasing the talent they have. Los Angeles would be getting their NFL franchise and it would be a successful one at that.

It’s obviously still a little early in this whole process to speculate, but the idea can’t be ignored. People generally question whether L.A. should get an expansion franchise, or be given an established one such as Miami.

If this all keeps getting uglier, and should the latter above become the case, we all might want to start to practicing saying “Los Angeles Dolphins.”


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