Carolina Panthers: Steve Smith and John Kasay Still Very Good Friends

By Andrew Fisher
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

John Kasay officially retired from the game of football this past Tuesday, as he signed a one-day contract with the Carolina Panthers. The long-time kicker spent 15 seasons with the Panthers, on his way to a stellar career. Kasay was one of the original Panthers, joining the team as a free agent in 1995. He spent 2011 in New Orleans, and was out of football in 2012.

It was only appropriate that Kasay retired a Panther, because he was really a backbone of the team for years. He’s the franchise’s all-time leading scorer, and he ranks sixth in NFL history with 461 field goals made. Kasay, just like recently retired kicker Jason Hanson, is just one of those guys you directly associate with a team.

One thing that came out of his tenure in Carolina that might surprise some people, is a friendship with receiver Steve Smith. Kasay and Smith aren’t exactly two guys you think would be buddies, but they are indeed.

Smith mentioned race as a reason why people might think their friendship is odd, but I think the strange part is that Smith is friends with a kicker. It seems like nobody in the NFL is ever around the kicker on the sidelines. Maybe, they hang out with the punter, but rarely do you see them with star players.

All kidding aside, who cares what they look like, and or positions they play, it’s just cool that they’re friends. Smith did made a few comments on his recently retired former teammate:

“His impact on me has been great. It has, in a lot of areas. But I’m not going to try to give you that so you can put it into two sentences, because it’s greater than that.I think I’d be doing him a disservice to try to summarize it because, why does it matter? John Kasay’s leadership and what he’s done is far beyond football.”


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