Colt McCoy Embracing Backup Role for the San Francisco 49ers

By Scott DelleFave
Colt McCoy
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

After being traded from the Cleveland Browns to the San Francisco 49ers in the offseason, backup quarterback Colt McCoy has embraced his new role in the city by the bay. McCoy seems less pressure is on him and that could be partly due to the fact that there is a lot more talent on the 49ers then there. With starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick firmly entrenched as the starting quarterback, the backup job is McCoy’s to lose.

McCoy has been a consistent attendee of the team’s offseason strength program. He’s worked alongside new teammates and built bonds with players he competed against in the college and professional ranks. A great example of this was how he already has been ribbing outside linebacker and pass rusher extraordinaire Aldon Smith by reminding him how McCoy lead his University of Texas Longhorns over Smith’s University of Missouri Tigers in college. Smith returns the favor when he reminds McCoy that his 49ers pounded him when he was a member of the Browns.

McCoy is also embracing the new offensive schemes, including the pistol formation and Zone-Reading schemes, besides the West Coast Offense that he knows from his playing days with the Browns and Longhorns. “Coach Harbaugh is really intense, but he’s a guy who’s really smart,” McCoy said, according to “You want to listen to him; you want to learn from him. He’s played the position. He knows what it takes to be good at the position.

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