Dallas Cowboys Could Have Gotten Better News on Key Injuries

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys were riddled with injuries in the 2012 season and it hampered their ability to be a consistent team. Yesterday, two of their best players gave an update on their injury status and it wasn’t exactly the news Cowboys fans wanted to hear.

Wide Receiver Dez Bryant, who played through a fractured left index finger at the end of last season said about his finger; “It’s never going to be normal, but I promise it’s never going to be an issue.”

The prognosis is no surprise since it’s exactly what doctors told Bryant might happen if he tried to play through the injury, which he decided to do, although there was no guarantee the finger would ever be the same again anyway. It’s hard to find any fault with Bryant’s decision as he continued to play at a high level after the injury and it is promising to hear that the finger will never be an issue.

However, hearing that his finger will never be the same can’t be seen as good news. Bryant makes his living by using his hands effectively and any type of permanent damage is cause for concern. Perhaps there isn’t anything to worry about with Dez and his finger but having it back to normal would have been the best case scenario.

Maybe the more discouraging injury news from yesterday was from Sean Lee. Lee’s update sounded good on the surface but there is still cause for concern over his toe injury.

“The toe is ready to go,” Lee said. “I’m pretty much 100 percent. I’ll be going through all the OTAs and it’s getting better and better every week. Other than some soreness after practice, I’m pretty much 100 percent.”

It could be an overreaction, but when there is still soreness seven months later, it should make Cowboys fans nervous. Lee did go on to say he could play if there was a game next week and that is a positive sign, but it’s hard to fault any Cowboys fan who is a tad nervous after going through such injury plagued season with the team last year.

The Dallas Cowboys could use a full year from both Dez Bryant and Sean Lee in 2013 and fans will be sweating out every injury report from now until the season opener in September. Although there doesn’t appear to be any serious cause for worry, there is no doubt the Cowboys would like both players to be at 100% this season.

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