Former New York Giants' Draft Pick Chad Jones Retires

By jason evans
Chad Jones
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

In 2010, the New York Giants thought they had their safety of the future in Chad Jones. Jones was the team’s third round pick, and if he had remained healthy, he could have been making plays for them in the Super Bowl and maybe he’s playing as their third safety in their current defensive scheme.

Then tragedy struck. In June of that year, Jones nearly died in a single car crash in New Orleans. Doctors were able to save his leg and foot, but it took 10 hours of surgery to do. He needed more surgery and has two screws near his ankle and under his kneecap.

Jones fought back and was able to walk and eventually run again. The Giants waived him last May and he has failed to catch on with any other team.

While Jones was in college, he also played baseball, and was even drafted. Now he intends to focus on baseball full-time and try to make it in that sport as a pitcher.

Jones is the second former Giants draft pick to retire this week. Clint Sintim did earlier after not playing in the league after the Giants cut him last summer.

Here’s his agent’s statement;

“He appreciates all of the support from the Giants and their fans,” said John Moran, the Southern Orthopaedic Specialists physical therapist who helped Jones walk and run again. “He gave 100-percent to football for over two years to reach his goal of returning to football. He is fortunate to have the athletic ability and skill set to perform in the MLB.”

If Jones can make it in baseball it will be a great story. I wish him good luck. 

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