Jay-Z Looking to Represent Geno Smith Following 2013 NFL Draft Debacle

By Jeric Griffin
geno smith jay-z
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to Geno Smith, we have yet another example of a professional athlete acting like a spoiled child and getting rewarded for it. After reportedly firing his agent because he wasn’t the first overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, Smith listened to pitches from five different agents and agencies this week. Included therein was Roc Nation, the new sports agency owned and operated by Jay-Z.

Yes, you read that right: Smith acted like a complete and total idiot and has since become a tabloid target in the Big Apple, yet Jay-Z wants to represent him. Well, I guess stranger things have happened with players on the New York Jets‘ roster.

Of course, Jay-Z wasn’t personally the one giving the pitch and he isn’t personally licensed as an agent, so Roc Nation and its partner, CAA Sports, will be doing the actual work here, but you’re foolish if you don’t think Jay-Z had a hand in the decision to make a pitch to Smith. The fact this immature and ungrateful young man is getting this sort of attention after acting the way he did is so disheartening to an old-school football soul like mine. It may be cliche statement, but it’s true: I don’t care how talented everyone thinks he is (and he’s extremely overrated by the way), he wouldn’t have a place on my team if I were a coach or general manager. You can say you heard it here first — Smith will bust like a piñata in a short, disappointing NFL career.

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