New Defensive Scheme Fits Dallas Cowboys' Brandon Carr Perfectly

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There has been this rumor spreading that when the Dallas Cowboys hired Monte Kiffin to run the famed Tampa 2 defense, they rendered Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne useless. Word is their physical style of play doesn’t match-up with what Kiffin wants to do because it’s more of a zone coverage.

Nothing could be further from the truth and the Cowboys defense will need the physical style that Carr and Claiborne bring to help make the defense work. Kiffin is smart enough to take his player’s strengths and use them to the best of the defenses advantage. Carr already feels right at home in Kiffin’s defense and he spoke about it last night at the Cowboys charity home run derby event in Arlington.

“It allows me to be the corner that I want to be,” he said. “Go up there each play and challenge the receiver. That’s what I came into this league doing and that’s what I’ve been doing for some time in this league, and that’s how I made my name.”

So it appears as though Carr will be much more comfortable playing for Kiffin than he was playing under Rob Ryan last season. Carr’s strength is playing man-to-man and being physical with receivers, which he will able to do more of this season. Ryan’s defense saw the Cowboys corners playing too soft way too often last year and Carr seems to be glad the laid back coverage is ending.

Carr led the Cowboys with three interceptions last season and hopefully the switch in schemes will allow him to get even more in 2013. The Cowboys struggled to cause turnovers last year and Kiffin’s scheme thrives off of them, so the hope is that Carr and Claiborne will be able to be play makers in the secondary.

Brandon Carr feels right at home in Monte Kiffin’s defense because it fits his skills perfectly.

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