Nick Fairley Needs to Settle Down on the Super Bowl Talk For the Detroit Lions

By Dan Parzych
(Raj Mehta/USA Today Sports)

It’s always fun to hear NFL players discuss how they strongly believe their team is going to the Super Bowl next season–especially when that team failed to even make the playoffs the previous year. As for Nick Fairley of the Detroit Lions, that’s exactly the case.

Fairley recently discussed how he believes the Lions are going to the Super Bowl this year and while he has every reason in the world to be confident about his team, there’s no reason to be making this bold of a prediction just yet. For starters, Detroit hasn’t even won a playoff game since the 1991 season–so let’s focus on ending that embarrassing streak before any of the team’s players begin talking about going to the Super Bowl.

On top of their playoff win drought, the Lions need to figure out a way to bounce back from a disappointing season in which the team finished with a 4-12 record. It’s difficult not to love Fairley’s attitude for setting the bar high for his team next season, but talking about the Super Bowl at this point in the offseason is the last thing he needs to be dealing with at the moment.

Instead, Fairley should just be focusing on helping this team bounce back in 2013 to compete with the rest of the contenders in the NFC North. If Detroit can start off the 2013 season on a positive note, then Fairley can talk about the possibility of the Lions in the Super Bowl as much as he wants.

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