Seattle Seahawks: Richard Sherman Has Not Been Lying to Himself

By Bob Kaupang
Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks is the best cornerback in the NFL. Just ask him.

You don’t believe Sherman? Maybe you should ask the people who vote for the NFL All Pro team every year. After all, only two corners are selected from the 32 teams in the league. Being one of two cornerbacks on this select team is a high honor. It’s not like the Pro Bowl where it’s more of a popularity contest than actually being the best of the best.

If you never passed math class, that means that Sherman and Charles Tillman of the Chicago Bears, in either order, performed the best at their position in the NFL last year according to people in the know, regardless of what any stats may say.

Moving forward, Sherman recently turned 25 years old while Tillman enters next season as a 32 year old player. I know whose future I think looks brighter.

I have watched every Seahawks game for years so I obviously have a biased opinion in favor of Sherman. However, when you watch all of the games you also have a more informed and well-educated opinion of a player. You know if he’s great, good, average, below average, terrible, underrated, or overrated. At least you should if you are an intelligent fan.

As someone who has seen every NFL game that Sherman has started, I can tell you that he’s as great as he claims to be. There is also a reason why he isn’t targeted by opposing teams as much, and it’s simply because he is that good. If you don’t believe me, maybe you can ask the voters who vote for All-Pro team or you could ask Sherman himself.

If anyone doesn’t like Sherman because he talks too much, well, that’s too bad. He is the best of the best and he’s only getting better.

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