Adding Josh Cribbs Would Only Help New York Jets So Much

By Nick Mamary
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that New York Jets GM John Idzik finally received the memo that his team needs playmakers. I applaud him in this effort to upgrade talent at the wide receiver position.

Reports say that New York recently visited with free agent receiver Josh Cribbs. Cribbs signed with the Cleveland Browns after not being selected in the 2005 NFL Draft. He immediately made an impact returning kickoffs. This player uses incredible speed to beat tacklers, and his ability to change games in that special teams capacity is remarkable.

As seasons went by an increased effort was made to make him into a legitimate receiving threat — with mixed results. In 2011, Cribbs posted career-high numbers with 41 receptions and four touchdowns. It looked as if he began to understand how to make his presence known as an every down player. Statics show however, that there is a long way to go before this goal could be met.

In 16 games, the receiver caught a disappointing seven passes. This steep decline in production could be attributed to a new quarterback in Brandon Weeden. The emergence of fellow wideout Josh Gordon may have also overshadowed Cribbs.

He should step up to not be overtaken by another option. A reliable weapon is someone who constantly looks to make a difference. Signing Cribbs as a kick returner would provide a spark on this unit as he holds an impressive average of 25.9 yards per attempt.

If the Jets are looking for another receiver to help, their search does not have to go far. Braylon Edwards, who finished last season with the team, provides a  more polished receiving background. Cribbs continues to visit with other teams, but if the Jets jump back in the picture, it should be for a relatively low price.

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