Are the Arizona Cardinals the Worst Team in NFC Heading into 2013?

By Andrew Fisher
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

If you just stop and take a look at the gauntlet of teams in the NFC right now, it’s remarkable. Never before have I seen a conference so solid, top to bottom. Not saying the AFC is a bad conference, but clearly, the NFC is superior right now.

With several clear favorites at the top, things start to open up a bit when you start looking at the No. 4 spot and beyond. Just based on what we know about the teams right now, there are really only a handful that you can say are doubtful to contend for the playoffs.

But with so many good teams at the top and middle of the conference, somebody has to be the worst. In this case, I think it’s the Arizona Cardinals. To be clear, I don’t think they’ll be the worst team in the NFC this year, but going into 2013, they are indeed bringing up the rear.

Things are actually looking up for the Cardinals after acquiring a new coach, quarterback and several key players via the draft. But have they done enough to not be considered the worst team in the NFC? I think not, they have to earn their way out of that spot.

You can make a case that the Philadelphia Eagles are the worst, but they were more of a train wreck in 2012, than a very bad football team. There’s still a ton of talent in Philly, and they sit in better position right now than Arizona.

While things have improved in the desert, the Cardinals are still basement dwellers for the time being. I think they’ll find their way out, and if it wasn’t for playing in the loaded NFC West, they’d probably have a legitimate shot at a wild-card.


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