Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Will Cowboys Go Without a Blocking Tight End This Season?

By Ben Grimaldi
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys have talked about moving towards a different offense in 2013, something that was revealed only after the NFL Draft concluded. That was news to Cowboys fans who were wondering why they selected pass catching tight end Gavin Escobar in the second round when they already had an emerging tight end in James Hanna.

However, the more we read about the Cowboys plans for their offense in the upcoming season and the more we hear how the Cowboys still like Hanna’s potential, it seems very realistic that Dallas might keep all three tight ends on the roster in 2013. That’s fine, but none of them are considered ‘blocking’ tight ends and Jason Witten is the closest thing the Cowboys have to being considered a blocker, so where will the Cowboys get their blocking from at the position?

It’s quite possible the Cowboys will bring in another tight end at some point to act as the main blocker at tight end, and it’s also possible they’ll just add another offensive lineman to certain packages in order to get more of a push along the line. Either way, it appears very likely the Cowboys will have three receiving tight ends on the roster and if they do add a blocking tight end, the Cowboys will carry four tight ends during the 2013 season.

The move could have a trickledown effect and put the fullback position in danger on the roster. Dallas brought in Lawrence Vickers at the position last year but the new ’12’ offense the Cowboys are talking about implementing doesn’t utilize the fullback as much as last year’s offense did. If Dallas keeps four tight ends then Vickers’ job could be in jeopardy.

Any way you look at it, the Cowboys will have to make a decision on how to proceed with the tight end position and it’s possible that Dallas will go without a true blocking tight end in 2013.

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