It's Geno Time: New York Jets Rookie Mini-Camp Starts Today

By Stephen Conway
Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

Geno Smith will look to prove his doubters when rookie mini-camp opens up later on today.

Smith, given the mass amount of publicity he has gotten (all for the wrong reasons) from the moment he got drafted, will be anxious to get out on the field to do what he does best — playing football.

Over the past two weeks, Smith has received much criticism for being “immature,” a “spoiled brat,” and other choice words from scouts around the league and other sources. While much of the criticism is due to the sole fact that he is now a target for the New York Media, Smith has been ridiculed for firing his agents, and then taking the time to conduct to interviews this week to hire a new representative for himself.

While I do think much of the criticism is unfair to Smith, he does need to prove himself today. He has an uphill battle, and will jump right away into a three-way competition for the quarterback job that starts today. He was given the playbook the night he got drafted and has been preparing ever since, so today is the day to prove it.

You can be sure that late this afternoon and early tomorrow morning, much of the New York Media will be talking about Smith and his performance. Smith knows that, and will hope that he can finally turn his image around since he finally is stepping onto the field as a player for the New York Jets.

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