San Francisco 49ers Get New Stadium Name, But Will Jim Harbaugh Change His Attire?

By Lance Cartelli
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

The San Francisco 49ers officially sold the naming rights to their new Santa Clara Stadium to Levi’s this week, officially making the new 49ers stadium Levi’s Stadium. The jeans company bought the naming rights for a reported $220 million. According to the 49ers, it is a perfect fit. Hehe, I get it!

The bigger question is whether 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh will accept this newly minted sponsorship and trade in his khaki pants for a pair of Levi 501s. In Harbaugh’s beautiful Northern California home, you just know that he has a walk-in closet dedicated to black 49er sweaters and those durable, yet stylish khaki pants. When I lay my head on that pillow and I dream at night, I dream of 49ers victories and Jim Harbaugh coaching in those beautiful beige pants. Not in my wildest dreams could I ever fathom Harbaugh khaki-less in some kind of blue denim.


Oh. I just don’t know what to believe anymore.

They did it. Touchè to you, Levi’s. You did the unthinkable, you got Mr. Harbaugh to change his style and even tuck in his shirt. A feat some believed was unattainable, like breathing under water, climbing Mt. Everest or keeping Kim Kardashian from looking like Mrs. Doubtfire.

But they did it and that’s what I love about Jim Harbaugh. The best coaches in the NFL are fluid, open-minded and innovative. Harbaugh has shown that he can change his colors by switching from khakis to blue jeans just like in football Harbaugh has shown an ability to adapt, make changes and thrive.

Jim Harbaugh, I will follow you and your spring styles where you go. Way to bring back the middle-aged jean look with tucked in shirt. I dig it.

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