What It Would Mean For Each Buffalo Bills Quarterback To Start in Week One?

By johnhugar
E.J. Manuel
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Right now, there are three quarterbacks who could potentially start for the Buffalo Bills in week one with Kevin Kolb, E.J. Manuel, and Tarvaris Jackson. It’ll be a good few months before we know which one of them will win the job, as they battle it out through mini camp, training camp, and the preseason, but we do already know a few things about each of these quarterbacks and what they could potentially do for the Bills. With that in mind, let’s take a look at would it would mean if each of these quarterbacks started for the Bills week one.

If Kevin Kolb starts….
The Bills are going the safe route. Either Manuel was clearly not ready yet or Kolb simply outshined everyone else during the preseason. Either way, I would think Kolb is the front-runner going into camp, even if we won’t be hearing anything about that for a few months. He has a fair amount of experience, and when he’s healthy, he has been effective as a QB. If the Bills select Kolb, it would indicate that they think it’s too early for Manuel to be thrown to the wolves, and that they’d rather at least tread water with Kolb that have Manuel potentially lose confidence by going in too early.

If E.J. Manuel starts….
It means he thrived in training camp, preseason, and demonstrated that he is ready to start in the NFL. Either that or all three quarterbacks struggled so much that Manuel gets the job because they figure they might as well just throw him in now. If it’s the former, the Bills might actually be decent this year, becoming the latest team to thrive under a rookie quarterback. If it’s the latter, brace yourselves for one of the most brutal seasons in team history.

If Tarvaris Jackson starts…
Then this is almost certainly going to be a lost season. Jackson hasn’t been quite as bad as the average fan probably thinks, but he’s never been anything special either. Out of the three quarterbacks currently on the Bills roster, he inspires the least amount of confidence. the only way I could possibly see him earning the starting job is if Kolb and Manuel are both so dreadful that the Bills have no other choice. In that case, things will be pretty ugly this year.

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