2013 NFL Future Odds: Arizona Cardinals Accurately Sit Near Bottom of League

By Andrew Fisher
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

It’s always interesting to see how big of a long-shot Vegas thinks the worst NFL teams will be in an upcoming season. The 2013 forecast for the Arizona Cardinals, certainly isn’t great. While the team seems to have improved over the offseason, with major player and coaching changes, they still unfortunately play in the loaded NFC.

Vegas has Arizona as the biggest long shot to win the NFC at 75/1, and as the third biggest long-shot to win the Super Bowl at 150/1. The projection that stood out the most to me, however, was the 30/1 projection to win the NFC West. At this point, most have deemed it the best division in football, and it’s clear the Cardinals have a snowball’s chance to win the crown. The odds go from the St. Louis Rams at 8/1, projected to finish third, to the Cardinals at 30/1 in dead last. That’s how big of a gap Vegas thinks there is between the middle and bottom of the West.

I hate to pile on to the Cardinals, because they really have put themselves in much better shape heading into 2013, but they’re basically in a no-win situation. Maybe they turn things around and give the Rams a run for third in the division, but there’s no way they can hang with the San Francisco 49ers or the Seattle Seahawks.

Unfortunately for Cardinals’ fans, these Vegas future odds are about spot on. 2013 will likely be a season of moral victories, and building a foundation for the future.


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