Chicago Bears' Marc Trestman uses Technological Innovation as Teaching Tool

By M. Quann Boyd
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

This week the Chicago Bears rookie’s entered into their first OTAs. Now, if seeing the Bears’ newest players and potential starters on the field isn’t enough to wet the appetite of die-hard fans, than the uses of advanced technology on the field should definitely spark conversation amongst fans, football analysis and other coaches around the league. For what it’s worth, the Bears second-year undrafted quarterback Matt Blanchard was seen on the field with a camera attached to the side of his helmet.

To the outside observer, this use of a helmet technology could be perceived as a means to enhance the accuracy and realism of the John Madden football video game franchise. However, after a closer examination, the helmet camera appears to have a lot of unseen potential for coaches and players alike. For Bears head coach, Marc Trestman, the camera can be use as a teaching tool. It’s possible that with enough first-person point-of-view film, that Trestman can use such raw footage as a means to assist the teams quarterbacks, Jay Cutler, Josh McCown and Blanchard with pre-snap readers and audibles. Also, the film taken from practice sessions could benefit the coaches in instructing the teams quarterbacks in regards to offensive timing.

At this point in the offseason it’s still a bit of a mystery as to exactly what type of offensive system Trestman has planned for the Bears for the upcoming 2013 season; nevertheless, if they are using any form of timing based offense the likes of the West Coast, Air Coryell or Run and Shoot Offenses, than the head camera might end up being a technological innovation for the NFL on par with other advancements such as Instant Replay, Helmet Audio, FieldTurf and the 1st & Ten Line. In conclusion, the helmet camera has the potential to revolutionize the sport, or could indeed be another gimmick much like the Wild Cat Offense; all the same, time and the start of the NFL season will tell.


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