Cincinnati Bengals: Marvin Lewis Compares RB Giovani Bernard to Ray Rice

By Simon Greene
Giovani Bernard
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The final day of the Cincinnati Bengals‘ rookie mini camp has come and gone, and each one of the drafted rookies and several of the undrafted rookies have given the Bengals coaching staff good cause to be extremely happy with their decisions in April’s NFL Draft. Round one selection, TE Tyler Eifert is showing the Bengals that he seems to be as comfortable playing in slot as he does at tight end, showing everyone that he is the key to unlocking the two tight end system for the Bengals next season. Margus Hunt has been showing that he has the strength, speed and agility to break the offensive line and catch the quarterback. Then there is Giovani Bernard.

Bernard has been receiving some extremely high praise from his head coach, Marvin Lewis. Usually when people are trying to describe rookies, they will make a comparison with a player that has already made a name for themselves in the NFL. Many are given small time players and need to work up to the big time comparisons, but Bernard has already been pushed into the deep end. Today, in a press conference, Bernard was compared to Ray Rice, Doug Martin and Maurice Jones-Drew, all short in stature, and the same height as or shorter than Bernard at 5’9″. All of them are extremely explosive running backs, not only in the rushing game but in the passing game too.

It’s not just his height of course that invites the comparisons. His agility, his ability to make great plays in the open field, and his general running style all lead to the great words being said by his coaches. Things are still early and it’s hard to tell right now if he really is the next Ray Rice, but such high praise so early on in a player’s training gives the fans a lot of hope for the future.

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