Denver Broncos Expect Big Things From Brock Osweiler

By Gary Fiore
Brock Osweller
Ron Chenoy-US Presswire

Brock Osweiler deserves a lot of respect. He was a legitimate star coming out of Arizona State and at his unusual, yet exceptional quarterback stature, Osweiler is a pocket-passing force that seems to be dwindling with the recent surge of quarterbacks over the last few years.

More so than his NCAA stats, he deserves tremendous credit for having to live and breathe in the shadows of Comeback Player of the Year Peyton Manning. There is simply no debate comparing the two at the professional level, but most agree that Osweiler’s situation may be much more beneficial than it appears.

Similar to the “experiment” conducted by the Green Bay Packers 10 years ago, the Denver Broncos feel that if Osweiler rides the bench essentially “learning” from Manning, he’ll be in his prime when the great QB decides to call it quits.

The Packers selected Aaron Rodgers in the first round of the 2005 draft. They chose to sit him on the bench, behind Brett Favre, for three years, until they felt he was ready to succeed in the NFL.

Their little experiment obviously worked in their favor.

But, of course, the overall situation in Denver is certainly different that what it was in Green Bay.

The Broncos are looking not to keep Osweiler quiet, or essentially content with his back-up role, but essentially keep him on his toes with constant competition.

During this year’s draft, in the seventh round, Broncos took Zac Dysert out of Miami (Ohio) to provide the extra “push” needed to keep Osweiler competitive and fresh.

Some have speculated that perhaps the Broncos are not too enthused with Osweiler and maybe, just maybe, he isn’t the quarterback they want for the future.

This certainly can’t be the case especially with the constant praise and consideration the young quarterback is often given by his coaches and of course, John Elway himself.

“To me, Brock could get a great education of how things were supposed to be done as a quarterback, what you had to go through, to see one of the best of all time do it,” Elway said, according to reports. “To me it was a perfect scenario. With the importance of that position, you never waste one. Plus, we liked him a lot. And having been with him a year, we like him even more.”

The Broncos have also announced that they recently signed former-San Diego State quarterback Ryan Katz as an undrafted free agent, but he is expected to be a scout team player.

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