Denver Broncos: Is Montee Ball the Next Terrell Davis?

By Gary Fiore
Montee Ball could be the next Terrell Davis
Brian Spurlock-US Presswire

During a recent interview with Vice President John Elway about the selections in this year’s draft, he bravely compared the Denver Broncos’ second-round pick Montee Ball to Broncos legend Terrell Davis. Ball was selected in the second round with the 58th overall pick out of Wisconsin.

Along with the rest of the Broncos front office, Elway expects Ball to make a significant impact right away, and ultimately become a long-term solution for their backfield.

“When we were watching Montee, the one thing that stood out about his running style is that it’s a lot like Terrell Davis, and so that got us very excited, and we hope that Montee has an even longer career than Terrell had,” said Elway, who made his comments at a fan forum for season-ticket holders.

Ball was one of the most productive running backs in college football history. In his four years, he amassed 5140 rushing yards and broke the record for most career touchdowns by any back in NCAA history (77).

With nearly an identical stature standing at 5-foot-10, and weighing 214 pounds, Ball admitted at the NFL Combine that his game has been directly influenced by Davis’ style of running.

“I’ve watched Terrel Davis — all of his interviews; all of his highlights; everything,” Ball said. “I grew up watching him a little bit. It’s really crazy right now. I’m so excited. I’m very, very excited.”

Davis, of course, was one of the most popular running backs to ever play the game. He led Denver to their Super Bowl victories during the ’98 and ’99 season, and still holds the record for most yards in Broncos history. In his seven years, he collected 7,607 rushing yards and 60 touchdowns.

Now officially a member of the Denver Broncos, Ball, along with all other draftees and rookie free agents, get the first bite of NFL action during the team’s first rookie three-day mini-camp.

Ball will get his chance to prove his worth within the next few days and will certainly give the front office a quick look at his skills.

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