Is John Abraham Coming Back to the Atlanta Falcons?

By Leigh Allen
John Abraham Atlanta Falcons
Josh D. Weiss-USA TODAY Sports

To say that Atlanta Falcons fans were not happy when John Abraham was cut from the team would be an understatement, to say the least.

Although Abraham’s age probably factored into the difficult decision, the impact of using whatever means necessary to fit the restrictions of the salary cap cannot be denied. What wasn’t necessarily expected, however, is that Abraham remains a free agent to this day.

Abraham, as did the fans, waited patiently to see which team would come calling. No, he isn’t the youngest out there, but he is solid and reliable. Though a deal was thought to be in the works with the Tennessee Titans, that deal hasn’t yet materialized. There are still good playing years ahead for Abraham, and surely he will be off the free agent market sooner than later…or will he?

The stories continue to fly back and forth about the Abraham situation. Those who follow Abraham on Twitter saw the cryptic tweets he posted of his retirement, and he has since deleted those tweets. His frustration radiates through the tweets he has not deleted, however; he wants to play. The Falcons fans want him to come back home.

All things considered, could Abraham come back and play for the Falcons?

At this point, it seems that door has closed. Even if they could come to an agreement on salary—and that is a monumental ‘if’—pride alone could keep Abraham from returning. That’s a shame for all parties involved; the fans were hoping he’d retire a Falcon and he probably was too.

Only time will tell how this tale ends. The hope of the fans, however, springs eternal.


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