Arthur Brown Will Overcome The Shadow Of Ray Lewis

By Wola Odeniran
Scott Sewell- USA Today Sports

When inside linebacker Arthur Brown was selected with the 54th overall pick the 2013 draft, the Baltimore Ravens were thought by many to have selected their future to Ray Lewis. In some ways it isn’t a far stretch to compare the two, but Brown has some living up to do.

Both players coming out of the draft were considered to small to play linebacker, but both were considered a rangy, sideline to sideline players that could cover well. The leadership abilities and the character they bring to a team is valuable, but Lewis is on a whole different level. Here is what Brown had to say, via “I’ve heard it from person to person, but honestly, it’s an honor to be even mentioned in the same sentence with him,” Brown said of the comparisons.

Brown does not have to be the guy in the locker room the way Lewis was in 1996. The team was new in the city of Baltimore and the team had to get some sort of identity, and Lewis fit the bill. But in this case, Lewis paved the way so much for this franchise that nobody else for years to come would have to shoulder the burden of letting people know who the Ravens are. The standard has been set. and all the players have to do from here on out is go play football. Being a leader is good, but players don’t have to live up to what Lewis did. Just maintain the standard of quality defense and everything else will work itself out.

Brown also added from the conversation about Lewis from the team website: “The way I look at it is [there is] no replacing Ray Lewis,” Brown acknowledged. “He is still a part of this team. He has had a major impact on so many of the guys that are already here. Really, I am just an addition looking to fulfill my role and be an impact player.”

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