Oakland Raiders: Matt Flynn Can't Catch a Break

By Andrew Fisher
Joe Nicholson-USA Today Sports

After it finally seemed that quarterback Matt Flynn would get his break with the Oakland Raiders, things may have already shifted in a different direction. Only a few short weeks into his tenure with the team, QB draftee Tyler Wilson is said to be impressing everyone in Oakland. So, is Flynn yet again destined to hold a clipboard in 2013?

Let’s be clear about one thing – it’s early. Rookies garner a lot of attention this time of year, and Wilson will get his fair share as a quarterback. The word out of Raiders’ camp is that Wilson is far ahead of all the recent rookies that have attempted to play QB for the team. Immediately at this year’s rookie mincamp, Wilson was turning heads with his throwing ability and command of the huddle.

But is he a legitimate threat to challenge Flynn for the starting job?

The answer is yes, but I don’t think it’s likely we see Wilson behind center during week one. Of course there’s a chance for the rookie to edge out Flynn, because we saw the exact same thing happen last year with Russell Wilson. Matt Flynn has to be thinking, ‘you can’t be serious.’

While it’s hard to imagine Oakland investing in Flynn, and not using him as the starter, it’s now definitely in the realm of possibility. I for one, hope Flynn finally gets a chance. The Raiders should at least see what he can bring to the table. What if they’re sitting on a hidden gem? It’s not likely, but again, it’s possible.

Oakland likely won’t be in contention for a playoff spot this season, so there will be plenty of time to switch to Wilson and see what he can do. For now, the Raiders should stick with Flynn, and finally let him have his chance as a starter.


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