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Top 5 Baltimore Ravens Teams In Franchise History

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Top 5 Baltimore Ravens Teams In Franchise History

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The Baltimore Ravens winning the Super Bowl again will spark up this kind of discussion. Raven fans around the world have been ranking teams in the franchise history and where this one will stack up. Obviously you would figure winning the Super Bowl would put them at the top, but They also won it in 2000 as well so it is an interesting discussion and a fun one for Raven fans.

Over the years, the Ravens have endured bad losses in the playoffs in 2011 in the AFC championship game to the New England Patriots, but luckily they got revenge in 2012. In 2010, the Ravens lost in the divisional round to the Pittsburgh Steelers in which they blew a 14 point halftime lead. In 2008, the Ravens lost to the Steelers in the AFC Championship game in which the Ravens' season was riddled with injuries not mention they missed both of their starting corners in Samari Rolle and Chris McAlister. In 2006, the Ravens lost to the Indianapolis Colts in which many fans consider the loss the worst of them all as their defense held Peyton Manning to no touchdowns and 15 points total and still lost 15-6.

The Ravens had some underrated teams as well with the 2003 team featuring a running back in Jamal Lewis who rushed for 2,066 yards and won offensive player of the year along with linebacker Ray Lewis who won defensive player of the year for the second time in his career. Their playoff success was short lived that year with a rookie quarterback in Kyle Boller and backup quarterback Anthony Wright holding the fort that season.

Now let's find out how the top 5 teams in franchise history stack up.

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5. 2006 Ravens

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The team still has the best record in franchise history at 13-3. They had their way with many opponents that year, especially the Steelers in sweeping them by a combined score of 58-7. But the season would be lost at the bitter end to the Colts when the Ravens were looked upon as the team to beat that year. The defense allowed 201 points that year which was number one in the league as well as being ranked number one in yards allowed. Many Raven fans believe that if the Ravens had won the Super Bowl that year the defense may have been better than the defense in 2000.

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4. 2008 Ravens

Jason Bridge- USA Today Sports

A young rookie quarterback in Joe Flacco inspired the team and the defense carried them all the way to the championship game. A rookie head coach in John Harbaugh was enhancing the identity of the team after coming off a horrible 5-11 season in 2007. They didn't have a bye week that season due to a hurricane in Houston and had 19 players on injured reserve. They lost three games to the Steelers that year and the difference between the two teams was health. If the Ravens were healthy in 2008, they would very well have swept the Steelers.

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3. 2011 Ravens

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This team was arguably the best in the league that year with a good balance of defense and offense with a 12-4 record. They let one slip away with Lee Evans not securing a well thrown touchdown pass by Flacco and kicker Billy Cundiff missing a chip-shot field goal.

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2. 2012 Ravens

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This was a great run especially due to Ray Lewis. On his way out, the team beat Tom Brady and Peyton Manning on the road cementing his legacy and the defense's legacy as a unit that still runs the yard. Joe Flacco had a coming out party with an astonishing 11 touchdowns and zero interceptions in the playoffs. The win was most satisfying due to the naysayers who said Flacco wasn't good enough and the team being doubted for much of the last five years.

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1. 2000 Ravens

Maxwell Kruger- USA Today Sports

This team still holds the top spot. They had the best defense in NFL history in my opinion, allowing a league record low 165 points in a 16 game season and allowing 970 yards rushing in a season which is still an NFL record. All of that was accomplished with an offense that went five straight games without scoring a touchdown.