Detroit Lions Accurately Projected to Finish Last in NFC North

By Andrew Fisher
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

There’s nothing wrong with taking a gander at the NFL futures released by Vegas. But, you might not like what you see if you’re a Detroit Lions‘ fan.

After a couple years of progress towards climbing the NFL mountain, the Lions took a pretty big step back in 2012. It was a disastrous, four-win follow up to their playoff run in 2011. Take all of that into consideration, plus the fact they play in a division with three other 10-win teams, and you get a 2013 Detroit team that’s projected to finish last in the NFC North.

The Lions currently sit at 7/1 odds to win the North, and at 25/1 to win the NFC.

While I’m sure fans find this discouraging, it is an accurate preseason projection for the Lions. After the way 2012 ended, and how all the rest of the division teams have improved, Detroit has an uphill battle moving forward. There’s really no way they could be slotted any place other than last, to start the season.

The Lions can prove the experts wrong, but it’s not going to be easy. Most fans think this team will contend for a playoff spot in 2013, and while I don’t completely disagree, the reality is that the NFC has many teams that are already in better shape than the Lions.

It’s crazy to think that a team projected to finish last in the division, is also projected to make a run at the playoffs by others. But as we sit here today, the Lions are correctly ranked at the bottom of the NFC North. All they can do now, is win their way out of that spot.


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