New York Jets: It Might Be Worth $8.75 Million to Get Rid of Mark Sanchez

By Andrew Fisher
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone else tired of the constant quarterback controversy that is the New York Jets? This thing just won’t go away, and that will continue to be the case, until Mark Sanchez is no longer on the roster. After just one minicamp, the chatter has already begun – will Geno Smith start week one for the Jets?

Apparently, Smith looked great during minicamp, and some are now speculating that it’s his job to lose. The team has said there will be an open competition for the starting job, but at this point, is it really worth it? Is it really worth having the circus around, again?

There is an easy, yet costly, way out of this, and that’s simply to cut the Sanchize. It will cost the team $8.75 million, but isn’t that worth finally putting the quarterback controversy to rest? It’s almost to that point.

Obviously, best case scenario for New York is that they find a trade partner, and only have to eat a portion of the contract. However, who is really going to want Mark Sanchez? He’s going to be an awfully expensive backup.

The Jets could get lucky, and find a team with a similar player they’d like to pawn, but that seems like a long-shot. I just don’t see there being any kind of real market for the marginal QB.

All of this is of course speculation, and the Jets won’t be making this decision any time soon. They’re best served to let the ‘competition’ play out, and to see if Smith is indeed the man for the job.


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