Is 2013 Michael Vick's Final Season with Philadelphia Eagles?

By Ryan Wenzell
Michael Vick - Philadelphia Eagles
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Vick is undoubtedly one of the most electrifying athletes the NFL has ever witnessed. The rocket left arm and the staggering athletic ability that can keep any defense on its toes are what has enamored many a coaching staff about Vick. In the past few years and arguably throughout his career, Vick’s problems have been less about his abilities and more about his mental capacity and his ability to stay healthy.

About two and a half years ago on a snowy Tuesday Night (yes, the Birds played on a Tuesday), something happened that none of the Philadelphia Eagles fan base had seen prior in his MVP type season. Vick looked visibly rattled.  Antoine Winfield blitzed the quarterback mercilessly time and again and Vick had no answer for it.  To this day this has become the blueprint for defending Vick, and at age 32 going on 33 he still seems to struggle with reading the blitz off the edge.

The brilliance Vick displayed throughout much of 2010 is fading fast, and in order for him to thrive in Chip Kelly‘s offense he is going to have to stay healthy, stopping turning the football over, and read the opposing defense better which are all things he has struggled mightily with the past two seasons.  However, if he improves in all these areas he could be the Eagles’ best option at QB especially under a coach in Kelly who loved to run the read option with a mobile, athletic QB at Oregon.

Vick has to improve this year or he could find himself out of a job and potentially off of the roster since he may not have any value as a backup. Coach Kelly is going to demand he play a better and smarter brand of football, and by early indications Vick is taking those teaching points and running with them. Will he run away with the starting job? Stay tuned.

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