Denard Robinson Will be Biggest Weapon for Jacksonville Jaguars in 2013

By alexandereaglin
Denard Robinson Jacksonville Jaguars
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have struggled mightily and given the Jacksonville faithful little to cheer about each of the past few years. However, the addition of head coach, Gus Bradley, has added a sense of hope and enthusiasm to the loyal fans and supporters of the Jaguars.

One of the more notable moves that Bradley has made in his short tenure was drafting Denard Robinson The former Michigan quarterback will be used in a variety of roles for the Jaguars in 2013 as Robinson can be used a wide receiver or  running back for the Jaguars offense. Dot be surprised if Robinson factors into special teams as well, either as punt or kickoff returner. Robinson is a dynamic player in open space, and Jacksonville will look to utilize him as one of their biggest weapons.

Reports of Robinson lining up at the quarterback position have also surfaced, however do not expect him to be in the midst of a heated quarterback competition in training camp. Jacksonville will most likely unleash Robinson as their “Wildcat” quarterback in certain situations next season.

When considering how anemic the Jaguars were offensively in 2012, Robinson will surely give a boost to the lackluster unit. Look for the former quarterback to be the “secret weapon” for the Jaguars offense in 2013. Of course, Robinson cannot be exactly considered a “secret” to the NFL

Defensive coordinators are well aware that they will have to account for Robinson whenever he comes onto the field against their team next season. Defenses will find a way to make adjustments for certain players, just as they have in the past, and the Jaguars will have to become more creative with their use of Robinson as the season progresses.

If Robinson and the Jaguars can display more offensive potency, Jacksonville has a chance to remove itself from the bottom of the AFC South.


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