Denver Broncos Play Waiting Game with Charles Woodson

By Joe Morrone
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos are going to have to wait a little while longer for Charles Woodson decision in 2013. The free-agent safety has decided to visit the Oakland Raiders next Tuesday, meaning there will not be any kind of a decision before that.

It’s somewhat surprising to me that Woodson has decided to visit the Raiders for a couple of reasons with the main one being that he has played there before. I understand that the front office and coaching staff is different, but still a bit of a surprise. The fact that Woodson is visiting means he is at least considering the Raiders as a possibility.

The appeal of the Raiders to Woodson has to be the fact that he started his career with that organization. What is difficult to understand is this; the Raiders are going to be awful, and adding Woodson does not change that. It, frankly, also makes little sense from the Raiders point of view. Woodson is going to be long gone by the time the team is any good, so why take away valuable reps from a younger player?

Is the thought of ending his career in the same spot where it started important enough to Woodson that he is willing to suffer through a 3-13 season? Because that’s where the Raiders are headed, even with Woodson in the fold. As for the Broncos, they are going to be very good with or without him. Sure, they would love to have Woodson, but they expectations are going to be very high either way. As for the money, it can’t be that much different.

One has to wonder if the visit is a favor to Raiders General Manager, Reggie McKenzie who Woodson knows from his days with the Green Bay Packers. McKenzie was in the Packers front office for most of Woodson’s time in Green Bay, and the two are close.

If the choice is really between the Broncos and the Raiders, can it really be considered a choice? The Raiders would make complete sense if they were not competing with a contending team like the Broncos. Woodson has repeatedly said that playing for a contender is the number one priority in selecting a team to play for in 2013. If that’s still the case, then the Broncos are the easy choice.

The other question Woodson needs to ask himself is this, does he want to play with Peyton Manning or face him twice next season? I’m not an all-pro defensive back but I think I would rather play defense after Manning has put up 35 points for my team, but that’s just me.

Once again, my feeling has not changed; I still believe that the Broncos are the favorite. The only difference now is we all have to wait a few more days.

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