Even With Uncertain Future, Brandon Weeden Still Best Option for Cleveland Browns

By Andrew Fisher
USA Today Sports

Brandon Weeden’s career as a member of the Cleveland Browns didn’t exactly get off to a great start last season. After being selected No. 22 overall, it seemed Weeden was finally the QB the franchise could build on. But after Mike Lombardi took over as general manger, things became a bit cloudy. There was even speculation the Browns would seek to add another QB in this year’s draft, or that they’d trade for someone like Ryan Mallett.

As it turns out, nothing happened, besides the team signing Jason Campbell, to presumably be the backup.

I understand that a GM change can often result in personnel changes, but I still found it shocking the team was potentially contemplating moving on from Weeden. His rookie season certainly wasn’t good, but it wasn’t that bad (3,385 yards, 57% completion rate, and 14 TDs to 17 INTs). He deserves some slack, because let’s face it, he plays for the Browns. But going forward, he’s no doubt going to have to earn his keep.

If 2013 even closely resembles 2012, Weeden is gone. But you have to at least give him another full season. You can’t just take a guy in the first round, and then be ready to move on after seeing him for one year, on a bad team. Weeden is deserving of another full run with the team.

I don’t care what some fans say, I’ll take Weeden over Campbell, any day. We all saw what he did as the Chicago Bears‘ backup a season ago, and there’s far less talent for him to work with in Cleveland.

Weeden has all the physical attributes you want to see in a QB, and all the potential to be a success in the NFL. He’s the man for the job in Cleveland, for at least one more season.


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