Houston Texans: Collin Klein Signing Seems Very Unlikely

By Andrew Fisher
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Collin Klein severely limited his options in the NFL when he refused to play any position other than quarterback. With a less than ideal skill set, he fell all the way through the draft, and sat as a free agent until he got a call from the Houston Texans. The Heisman finalist took part in Texans’ rookie minicamp this past weekend, and apparently impressed head coach Gary Kubiak. But it’s now several days later, and Klein has yet to receive a call from Houston.

This is not surprising, because the Texans don’t need another quarterback. Behind Matt Schaub, the Texans already have three other quarterbacks. This includes T.J. Yates, who led the team to the playoffs a couple years back, and former college standout Case Keenum. Both are clearly better options as traditional NFL quarterbacks.

Klein would be lucky if the team offered him a contract, and even luckier to make the final roster or practice squad. Unless Kubiak just saw something in Klein that he had to have, I don’t envision the team offering him a deal. Maybe, Klein could be effective in special formations that would exploit his mobility, but I doubt he or the Texans want that.

If Klein is dead set on being a quarterback, he’ll have to hope a team with less depth at QB comes calling. There’s simply not enough room on the roster for Klein, and he’s just not a priority for the Texans.


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