Indianapolis Colts: Pat Angerer Ready to Return to 2011 Form

By Andrew Fisher
Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Pat Angerer emerged on the scene in 2011, amassing 148 total tackles, which was good for the fourth most in the NFL. Both he and the Colts both were hoping for a repeat performance last season, but it wasn’t meant to be, as the LB broke his foot in the first preseason game. He managed to fight his way back onto the field for the final three games of the regular season, and he also played in the team’s wild-card game in early January.

Now, he’s more motivated than ever, saying that his 2012 season was extremely frustrating:

“It was really, really frustrating. Guys have played with this injury before, but just not being able to play like I know I’m capable of was very hard. A lot of people have overcome things a lot worse than this. It’s nothing I can’t come back from.”

After an entire offseason to recuperate, it’s a pretty safe bet that Angerer will be ready to go at 100% heading into 2013. The Colts surely need him to return to his 2011 form, as they’re now down a great defensive leader in Dwight Freeney. Angerer will no doubt be called upon to play the biggest role of his career this season.

Adversity is nothing new to the linebacker, though, as it took him until his junior season at Iowa to finally emerge on the scene. During his first two years in college, Angerer battled numerous injuries and a bad bout of mono, and nearly gave up football. Finally though in 2008, he played an entire season, and racked up 107 tackles. He followed it up his senior year with a whopping 145 tackles, and then of course the Colts took him in the second round in 2010.

So if anyone can overcome a measly broken foot, it’s Pat Angerer. If he plays to his potential this season, he’ll likely earn a spot in the Pro Bowl, while helping the Colts take the next step as a franchise.


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