Atlanta Falcons: Mike Smith Has Correct Attitude Towards Last Year's Failures

By Andrew Fisher
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Everybody knows how close the Atlanta Falcons came to the Super Bowl last season. Some people are even saying that the team came up ’10 yards short.’ The Falcons made a furious comeback in the NFC title game, only to fall just short of making the big game. Head coach Mike Smith is tired of dwelling on that fact, however.

“Listen folks, that was 2012. Our only focus right now is on 2013. We’re not 10 yards from the Super Bowl. We’re like every other team in this league fighting to get to the same place. We’re 261 days from going to New York and getting a chance to go play in that. So we’re done talking about that 10 yards. We’re moving on and looking forward, folks. It can’t get here quick enough,” said Smith.

This is what you want to hear from the head coach. But in reality, he’s just stating the obvious. You can rationalize the Falcons’ loss in the NFC title game any way you want to, the end result was still a loss. There’s nothing Atlanta can do about that game, and the fact that they did get so close, has absolutely no bearing on this year’s results.

I’m sure Smith and the other numerous veterans in Atlanta won’t let this team dwell on the past. Plus, if you want to be very optimistic about it, the Falcons actually made leaps and bound last year. Previous to 2012, they were the team who couldn’t win a playoff game, now they’re just 10 yards from the Super Bowl. Regardless of how you want to look at it, the Falcons are just like all the other teams right now, sitting at 0-0 with an entire season in front of them.


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