Charles Woodson Needs Denver Broncos More Than They Need Him

By Joe Morrone
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Are you all tired of the Charles Woodson watch yet? I’m getting close but I also understand that he has every right to take his time, and explore every option. The point here is less about Woodson and more about the Denver Broncos.

Most of the Broncos’ fans and I would love to have Woodson as a member of the team. But let’s not pretend this is a make or break decision. The Broncos are loaded with or without him, and the attention on this is a tad bit insane. I include myself in that insanity as I have followed the story since it first broke, and it is news. However, there are a couple of salient points to keep in mind as we wait for any kind of decision.

The first is something we’ve all ready touched on; this is not Peyton Manning of last year. Everyone was anxious for that decision because if he chose the Broncos, as he did, then everything would change. The Broncos went from rebuilding with a quarterback who couldn’t throw to an instant contender.

The signing of Woodson would make a great team a little better, nothing more. That’s not taking anything away from Woodson, but I think the potential impact of him joining the Broncos is being too hyped up by some. If he doesn’t sign, the Super Bowl odds for the Broncos are not going to change.

The Broncos, under John Elway, have always had a plan for every player they’ve gone after and they stick to that plan. The Broncos have made their offer and while they may have the flexibility to increase it a little, they won’t deviate from the plan just to win a bidding war for a 37 year-old safety.

It’s easy to say just give him the second year and the additional money he wants, but Elway does not conduct business in that manner. He wants Woodson, but he’s not about to blow up the future for someone that is not a make-or-break player. It’s exactly how teams get into trouble with the salary cap, and Elway’s not going to do it.

As a fan, I’m hopeful that Woodson eventually signs with the Broncos. But if he doesn’t, my expectations for 2013 don’t change in the least. My gut still tells me that Woodson ends up in orange and blue; it just makes too much sense for both sides.

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