Dallas Cowboys Need Tyron Smith To Become An Elite Player

By Ben Grimaldi
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Much has been made of the Dallas Cowboys and their offensive lines issues in the past few years and for good reason. Their offense has the skill players to be one of the best in the NFL but their biggest weakness continues to be their offensive line. One thing that would help the Cowboys improving their play up front would be for left tackle Tyron Smith to become an elite player.

Don’t get me wrong, Smith has been a very good player for Dallas in his first two seasons but they didn’t draft him to be a good player, they drafted him to be elite. You don’t draft any player in the top 10 of the NFL draft and not expect great things out them and Smith has the ability to become a fixture in the Pro Bowl for the Cowboys.

Let’s not forget that Smith is only 22-years and is still learning the NFL game. The Cowboys also switched him to left tackle last season, a spot he never played on any high level of competitive football. He played right tackle in college and spent his rookie year on the right side as well, so there is a learning curve for Smith. He struggled early on in the year but Smith got better every game and was playing at a very high level near the end of the season.

The Cowboys need the Tyron Smith they saw in the last month and a half of the 2012 season and not the player that struggled early on. Smith gave up three sacks and was second in the league with 11 penalties, but most of that damage was done early in the season. Dallas needs a dominant Smith in order to make their offensive line become a better unit.

Sure, the Cowboys drafted Travis Frederick and all eyes will be on him this season but Dallas still needs Smith to become an elite player. They need their left tackle to be out on an island and to be able to dominate his man in one-on-one situations to make the rest of their linemen’s jobs easier. If Smith can do that and then the Cowboys offensive line will be a better unit in 2013.

On a lower level, if Smith can become an elite tackle all the questions of whether the Cowboys made the right choice in selecting Smith over J.J. Watt would stop. Watt is already and elite player and given the Cowboys need for youth on their defensive line, Watt would’ve been a great choice in the 2011 draft but Dallas had a greater need for offensive line help. I still believe Smith was the right choice but until he reaches his potential, the question will continue to be asked.

The Dallas Cowboys need Tyron Smith to become an elite left tackle if they want to have a better offensive line in 2013. No matter what the Cowboys change on the offensive line for this season, it might all be for nothing if Smith doesn’t become one of the best left tackles in the league.

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