Denver Broncos Play It Smart With New Insurance Clause in Peyton Manning's Contract

By Dan Parzych
(Chris Humphreys/USA Today Sports)

Last season, Peyton Manning shocked the NFL world in his first season with the Denver Broncos as many expected him to struggle after sitting out the entire 2011 season with a neck injury, but the future Hall of Fame quarterback looked like his old dominant self and was even in consideration for the MVP award for most of the season. It was quite a surprise to see John Elway give Manning such a hefty contract prior to the 2012 season considering how much of a risk his neck injury was, but it appears the Broncos are being extra cautious heading into next year.

Apparently, Manning has signed a new contract with the Broncos that has a new insurance clause for the team if the quarterback suffered some sort of injury related to his neck. Manning is scheduled to earn $40 million over the next two seasons, but the last thing Denver wants to see happen is they lose out on all of this money because their beloved quarterback is hurt and unable to play–which is why this is a wise move by the organization.

Every team should treat injuries extra cautious, but the neck is one of the types that needs to be treated with extra care considering it could even end a career for certain individuals. Denver has a lot riding on Manning heading into the 2013 season as they will be considered one of the top teams in the AFC once again–so let’s hope the team never has to worry about this insurance clause and Manning continues to remain healthy.

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