Detroit Lions Rumors: Did Reggie Bush Diss the Miami Dolphins?

By Chris Katje
Robert Mayor-USA TODAY Sports

New Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush had kind words to say about the city of Detroit. In an interview, Bush also praised the city of New Orleans. Miami, where he spent the last two seasons, wasn’t mentioned.

Bush praised the passion of Lions fans with this, “I have met people in other states that are from Detroit and they always talk about the football team and how passionate the fans are about the football team. I got a chance to speak to Chauncey Billups who played for the Detroit Pistons for a while and he talked about that, too. It was one of the first things he told me was just how passionate the fans were.”

The new Lions running back also mentioned this passion as one of the factors that lured him to sign a free agent deal with Detroit. “Obviously it’s a great sports town-it was one of the reasons I was excited to come here. In certain cities, football just means more,” he said.

Later in the interview, Bush also praised New Orleans, where he spent five seasons with the New Orleans Saints. “For example, playing in New Orleans, no matter what, those fans always showed up. Even throughout the bad times. They were always in support and they were always there and it was always a football-first town,” Bush said.

Bush did not mention Miami being a football town or anything about the city’s fan base. Bush spent the past two season as a member of the Miami Dolphins. Bush posted career best rushing yards of 1086 and 986 over his past two years in Miami. Each of the two seasons, Bush also tied a career high with six rushing touchdowns.

Reggie had a great time as a Dolphin statistically. It appears Bush is still a little bitter about not being re-signed by Miami. The Dolphins chose to go with young running backs Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller, rather than the proven Bush.

As a Lions fan I am happy to have Bush for the 2013 NFL season. It’s also nice to hear kind words about the city and its football fan base. Bush said it best about the city of Detroit with this, “The fans are always going to be there to support the team through the tough times.” Let’s hope that with Bush in the Honolulu blue, there is more good times ahead though.

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