Indianapolis Colts' Jim Irsay: Entertaining And Driving Fans Nuts via Twitter

By Jim Heath
Jim Irsay, Indianapolis Colts
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports 

If you have not yet followed Indianapolis Colts owner, Jim Irsay on Twitter – I highly recommend you do so. It is quite entertaining, never boring and there is a chance you could walk away with some Colts bling.

Before you run out and click the “follow” button, there are some warning labels that must be understood. There will be late night rants that are beyond the comprehension of the average “normal” human mind. You will be driven crazy by hints and riddles that are intended to name a potential free agent signing or trade, only to never see it come to fruition.

Irsay certainly uses his Twitter account to have fun at the expense of his followers.

Recently, late evening tweets had Colts fans on the edge of their seats as Irsay dropped a multitude of hints as to a possible trade for a wide receiver. The episode had many speculating Irsay was talking about New York Giants Victor Cruz, Philadelphia Eagles Jeremy Maclin and even Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald.

Irsay’s tweets created quite a buzz that was accompanied by reports from respected NFL folks at ESPN, NFL Network and other sports news entities. Of course, nothing ever materialized, but it did make for entertaining late night speculation and anticipation.


Irsay is also known for giving away prizes to fans that are able to answer Colt trivia questions. The questions are generally posted in the form of a riddle and prizes are not simple trinkets. Generally to the victor in Irsay’s contests goes a substantial amount of cash and high-quality Colts paraphernalia. Certainly no expenses spared.


Finally, he is very active in the community of Indianapolis. Charity events, youth camps, and other community-oriented events are in typical Irsay tweets.


Following Irsay is highly recommended. He is an extremely entertaining active member of Twitter. You will giggle a time or two, you could find yourself caught in the middle of a suspenseful plot about an unnamed draft pick, free agent or anticipated trade. Or, you just may be one of the lucky followers that win one of Irsay’s contests.

Give Irsay a follow. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


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