Jake Locker Must be Better, More Consistent for Tennessee Titans Next Season

By Cody Williams
Jake Locker Tennessee Titans
Jeff Hanisch – USA Today Sports Images

The 2012 NFL regular season for the Tennessee Titans was largely defined by the disappointments that they had to endure. Despite being hopeful that they would improve as they came into the season, they finished the year just third in the AFC South with just a 6-10 overall record. Obviously they missed out on the postseason with that finish to the regular season.

One of their biggest individual disappointments was from their supposed star running back, Chris Johnson. Not long ago CJ2K, as he calls himself, rushed for 2,000 yards. However, he finished the season with just 1,243 yards, scored just six touchdowns, and lost four fumbles, hardly a star-type performance. Their defense also ranked towards the bottom of the league in most categories, as well.

Despite the many disappointments, one of the major ones was the lack of consistency and proficiency that quarterback Jake Locker showed over his second season and his first where he had the role as the starting QB for the majority of the season. He started 11 games for the Titans this past season and it was supposed to be the start of the team moving towards the future. If that was actually the case, though, the future doesn’t look too bright for Tennessee.

In the 11 games he played, Locker threw 314 passes, but completed just 56.4 of those attempts. Moreover, he threw for only 2,176 yards and averaged just 6.9 yards per completion. Locker also only threw 10 passes for touchdowns while throwing 11 INTs. He had a bit of success with his feet, rushing for 291 yards on 41 attempts, scoring one touchdown and losing just two fumbles.

The main issue for Locker, particularly with his passing, was his accuracy. He missed a ton of easy throws over the course of the year and never seemed to complete the difficult ones. He also didn’t take off running as much as some might have liked him to. There’s no doubt that he has a lot of room for improvement, especially if the Titans want him to be their primary starter for the future.

Locker needs to be working on his mechanics during the preseason and trying to improve his accuracy. He’s not going to be an effective NFL quarterback if he can’t make the big play at times and especially if he can’t complete the easy ones. The Titans might also want to design a system that can potentially get Locker into the open field where he can utilize his speed. However, if improvements aren’t made with his mechanics and in the offense, the Titans are likely to be disappointed again.

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