Kansas City Chiefs Lack A Reliable Backup Running Back

By Colin Barton
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs have one of the league’s premier running backs in Jamaal Charles, but they lack a solid and reliable backup. Knile Davis was brought in to be the backup, but does he have the durability or talent to step in if Charles gets injured? Looking at his college career, it seems as if he is an injury plagued player who was a very risky pick. To add on to his health concerns, he put up less than 400 yards rushing in his last season. Davis is a player that needs to be developed a little further before he is put in to be Charles backup. So what are the Chiefs other options?

The Chiefs’ best bet would be to look into the free agent market. There are a couple of players who might be able to give them some insurance for a reasonable price. The two players that come to mind are Michael Turner and Beanie Wells. Wells has had his injury problems as well, but he has enough talent to put up some good numbers as backup if he stays healthy. Turner would probably be the most reliable of the two as he has managed to stay healthy throughout most of his career and has plenty of experience as well as talent. But who would be the best value?

The Chiefs will want to save some money and get a good deal on a backup running back, but will they be able to afford the services of Turner? He is a former two-time Pro Bowler who has put up numerous 1000-yard seasons, and with those credentials he might be a little too pricy as a backup for the Chiefs. Wells on the other hand hasn’t had the same success and might be the best pick value wise.

If those options don’t work for the Chiefs, they could always just take a chance on their current backups in the backfield. They do have a few young running backs who might be capable of filling in once in a while, but they might not have the talent or experience to takeover for Charles if he gets hurt. Whether they look to free agency for insurance or stick with their current players, let’s hope that Charles will be able to remain healthy for the season.

Colin Barton is a Kansas City Chiefs writer for Rantsports.com. Follow him on twitter @ColinBartonRS

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