Chris Johnson Approves Of Tennessee Titans' Selection Of Chance Warmack

By Taylor Sturm
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Every Tennessee Titans fan in the country knew the the would most likely pick an offensive lineman with the No. 10 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

The Titans struggled last season due to their poor offensive line play, and it was no surprise when they chose Alabama lineman Chance Warmack. The Titans were clearly going to be happy with Warmack’s addition to their team, but it was star running back Chris Johnson who best summed up this young Tennessee offense’s feelings on Warmack’s selection.

The tweet not only sums up the Titans’ feelings, but highlights the problems that Johnson and quarterback Jake Locker (and even Matt Hasselbeck) had with their offensive line over the past few seasons. Injuries and poor play have led to the Titans needing an overhaul on the offensive line. Johnson is the Titans’ player that will benefit the most from Warmack’s selection.

Johnson can’t create room for himself on every play. He’s a speed player who likes to cut and change directions, not a back who pounds it inside play after play. Johnson’s relief at Warmack’s selection was inevitable because his yardage and touchdown numbers were suffering because of injuries and poor play along the offensive line.

The Titans will be much better next year; Johnson and Locker will produce far more than many expect. Their offensive line has been their main issue over the past few seasons, and with a solid receiving core, Tennessee might raise a few eyebrows and squeeze into the NFL playoffs. They might even win the AFC South.

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