Dallas Cowboys: Enough About Tony Romo's "Increased Role" Already

By Jeric Griffin
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Every serious Dallas Cowboys fan is sick of America’s Team already and the start of the 2013 NFL season is still four months away. The reason why is not hard to guess — Jerry Jones opened his mouth again. Ever since the Cowboys’ colorful owner said Tony Romo will have an “increased role” this season, the DFW sports world has been annoyed with all the “headlines” about that role. But if you know the team at all, you know this is all just a bunch of horse radish regarding the latest edition of Jerry Speak.

To say Jones took heat for giving Romo a six-year, $108 million extension this offseason is a drastic understatement and unlike a lot of NFL owners, the fan and media reaction to his actions actually bothers him and sways his future decisions. That’s why he brought up the garbage about the increased role and even went as far to compare Romo’s role to that of Peyton Manning‘s, which is arguably the most moronic thing he’s fumbled out of his mouth, and that’s saying something.

Sure, Romo is going to try really hard to be prepared for each and every game and he probably will get a little more say in what the Cowboys do, but that’s not because the team is changing his “role.” Romo told Jones and Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett that he wanted them to draft Gavin Escobar and Terrance Williams on day two of the 2013 NFL Draft and they did. However, they would have done that in any draft within the past half decade, so don’t get too excited.

Then Garrett opened his mouth, which is almost as scary as when Jones does it just because of the absolutely moronic things that come out. When asked about the increased role business on Friday, Garrett said that Romo has earned it.

Wait, what?!

So Romo shouldn’t have been involved in the offense before? You mean to say that now he’s worthy of being a franchise quarterback? Baloney!

This is Garrett following Jones’ instructions to defend Romo’s new contract. If you think it’s anything but that, you’re part of the 80 percent of the Cowboys’ fan base that is as clueless as Jones.

So in conclusion, please stop talking about Romo’s increased role. It means absolutely nothing and you won’t see any changes in Romo or the team this season as far as the way things are run, unless of course the Cowboys start 1-7 and Jones fires Garrett halfway through the season, but that’s another Rant.

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