Promise and Potential: Chicago Bears LBs need to Produce in Rookie Season

By M. Quann Boyd
Reid Compton-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears need to get younger on the defensive side of the ball. Although the team has a number of All-Pro and Pro Bowl players on all levels of the vaunted defense, the fact remains that Julius Peppers, Lance Briggs and Charles “Peanut” Tillman are all in their 30s. It is only a matter of time before their respective ages start to show, be it a decrease in on the field production or a rash of injuries that will prevent them from making a start. This might sound like doom and gloom but it’s the hard cold truth.

Thankfully, Bears GM Phil Emery addressed the future of the franchise in this past April’s draft having used several picks to add to the defensive depth chart. With Brian Urlacher no longer on the team, the position of need for the Bears was within the linebacker core. Using second and forth-round picks, the Bears added linebackers Jonathan Bostic and Khaseem Greene to the mix.

Bostic, out of the University of Florida, was an All-SEC player during his time in Gainesville who finished his collegiate career with 237 tackles, 19 tackles for loss, 7.5 sacks, seven pass breakups, five interceptions and two forced fumbles.

Greene much like Urlacher is a converted safety. The Rutgers University graduate was named a first team All-American and he is a two-time Big East defensive player of the year as a linebacker as well as Second Team All-Conference as safety during his sophomore campaign. Greene’s career includes 387 tackles, 30.5 tackles for loss and 11.5 sacks. According to his draft profile, Greene “consistently goes for the strip or takes a strong punch at the ball,” which will fit in nicely with Tillman and the other Bears defensive ball-hawks.

At this point, regards of players college resumes it’s all about promise and potential. No one knows for sure who’s going to go down in the annuls of NFL history as a Hall of Famer or a draft bust. At this point for Bostic and Green, the only thing the can do his work and make the most of their opportunities, while fans and pundits alike can only wait patiently to see what products on the field of play.


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