Atlanta Falcons and Brian Banks: An Epic Journey

By Leigh Allen
Brian Banks Atlanta Falcons
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

If heart and soul alone were enough, Brian Banks would already own one of the coveted 53 spots on the Atlanta Falcons active roster for this season. Banks definitely has the heart for the game, and his soul is now consumed by the fires of the desire to play in the NFL.

The specifics of Banks’ story leading to this point are now known to all. For those who follow Banks on Twitter, the story—and the journey—continues as he chronicles daily the events in his life.

Nothing about Brian Banks is typical. Though being an NFL rookie at the age of 27 isn’t necessarily unheard of, it will certainly be an uphill battle. The game isn’t his to be won, but the resolve to succeed and prosper at said game is. What assures his triumph? Banks hasn’t forgotten the hard road that led him to where he is now, and he hasn’t forgotten who helped him get there. On May 11, he and his mother participated in the Innocence March in Malibu to support the California Innocence Project…the same group who helped clear his name.

Banks’ rare opportunity of a second chance to realize an almost-lost dream is certainly the Falcons’ feel-good story of the moment. The details are unquestionably epic enough to be a biopic miniseries, if not straight-up book deal and big screen material in the future. Presently, however, there’s a team—and that team’s fans— waiting for a chance to claim a Super Bowl victory.

Suppose Brian Banks makes the roster and becomes part of that Super Bowl winning team.

Now that would truly be epic.


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